Rippling across the equator for nearly 5000km, Indonesia encompasses more than 17,000 islands.

Surf travel with children

Surf travel with children

Surfing holidays for children

Surfing is one of the best sports for children to love. Active, and full of fresh air and exercise. Surfing is a great way for them to learn about the Ocean, and pick up vital Ocean safety skills which they will use for the rest of there lives. From spotting a rip current, to learning about where waves come from and why they break. Our team will make sure they are coached in the safest possible environment, allowing them to progress in surfing and build confidence in the water.

Prices for children on our surf holidays

Due to the variation of our accommodation, from camping to five star luxury resorts we would recommend asking about discounts for children. Generally children under two travel and stay for free, children aged 3 to 13 travel at 60% cost. This does vary from resort to resort, so please do ask.

What is the situation with children and passports?

From 05 October 1998, children under 16 have been required to travel on their own passport.If your child is already included on your passport, he or she is not affected by this change and can continue to travel on your passport until it expires or until they reach the age of 16. However, please be aware that some countries, such as Bulgaria, may refuse entry to any children without their own passports.If a new document is required during the validity of your existing passport, any child who is included on it will need to apply for a separate passport. Passport application can be a lengthy process, so we recommend that you plan ahead and keep your holiday dates in mind.


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