Rippling across the equator for nearly 5000km, Indonesia encompasses more than 17,000 islands.

Responsible Surf Tourism

Responsible Surf Tourism

Your Surfing Holiday, Our Responsibility

Sustainable development is the most important issue for our planet, the human race, and all business entities in the 21st century. Errant Ltd and its trading divisions around the world aim to stay at the forefront of Responsible Tourism and the efforts to achieve this goal in terms of environmental, economic and social aspects. We will strive for customer satisfaction as well as our contribution to sustainable development by achieving high environmental quality in products, services, and corporate activities.

As dedicated surfers ourselves, we feel we have an obligation to protect the environment we enjoy everyday.

Errant is Carbon Neutral

Surfing and adventure holidays sold through Errant will have any carbon emissions created by air travel to and from your destination, offset. Our contributions will go towards projects run by the CarbonNeutral Company. The CarbonNeutral Company is a leading provider of strategic advice on climate change for businesses and organisations and provides solutions to tackle climate change through a range of "offset" projects. This will be included in the price listed on the website and will not be a hidden cost to you.

Climate-friendly energy projects

If the issue of climate change is to be addressed, it is essential that more use is made of energy from renewable sources (such as wind, solar and biomass) and that we improve the efficiency with which we use all our energy. This will reduce the quantity of harmful greenhouse gas emissions. As well as reducing greenhouse gas emissions, these projects are selected for their additional benefits. These could include health benefits from reducing the smoke from cooking stoves, or reducing poverty by improving local employment.

Forestry projects

Trees absorb carbon dioxide and, in return, produce wood and oxygen. The CarbonNeutral Company carefully selects its planting partners. We look for well-managed, long-term forests which make a real contribution to the local community and wildlife. Put simply, we want to help protect our environment in the long term with projects that also provide a short-term benefit.


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