Rippling across the equator for nearly 5000km, Indonesia encompasses more than 17,000 islands.

Best surf holidays for adults

Best surf holidays for adults

Best Surfing Holidays For Adults

We have some truly wonderful destinations for surfers of all ages - but if you've got a bit more time and money to spend and want to truly get away, then why not treat yourself to a surf stay you'll never forget?

Unwind in Sri Lanka

Some of the best surfing holidays for adults include the very cool Talalla Surf and Yoga resort in Sri Lanka. Here you can unwind, forget the fast pace of life and fine tune your surfing in the warm waters of the Indian Ocean.

Surf in the Maldives

If you fancy something even more fancy for you and your partner, why not book a surfing holiday in the Maldives.

The Maldives, only ten hours flight from London are a geological eccentricity nestled in the middle of the Indian Ocean; the Maldives are a series of ancient coral reefs that grew up around the sides of towering prehistoric volcanoes. These immense structures have long since sunk into the ocean, leaving behind coral islands of incredible natural beauty and perfect surf in a tropical ocean.

A surfing holiday in the Maldives is life stripped down to simplicity – bright blue skies, all-year sunshine and fantastic surfing. The country embraces travellers from around the world allowing them the freedoms holiday makers require without compromising the islands’ deep Muslim faith one bit.

The top three ways to surf in the Maldives include the luxury surf resort of Chaaya Island (Pasta Point). If you fancy heading out on a boat charter we suggest the Central Atolls.

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