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Surf Holidays in United Kingdom

Surfing in the United Kingdom? Yep it is true, not only is it true but it is alive and thriving particularly in the south west where surfing is estimated to be worth 52 million pounds a year just in North Devon! Look past the surf shops, night clubs, bars and beach side attractions and you will find some stunning beaches, hidden coves and the odd secret point or reef break. It is also possible to surf along the south coast, east coast, Wales and even (now and again) Kent!

We offer surfing holidays to Newquay, the self-proclaimed surf city UK. It is here and in Jersey that surfing in the Uk started. Jersey had a club of surfers riding the waves of St Ouens on wooden longboards by 1959, whereas it was 1962 before surfers riding the new fibreglass Malibu surfboards in Newquay got together to open a surf club. Once contact was made, in the mid-60's between the Cornish-based and Chanel Island surfers, sporting competition, business and friendships followed rapidly, one spin-off being the formation of the British Surfing Association.

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